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One more step forward

Yesterday morning I got an email that my background check for the work-at-home job I was waiting for had come back clean (of course!), and I could begin training.

So I spent a few hours doing that yesterday, and I've been working on it again today. I'd like to get it done ASAP so I can start working ASAP.

I dropped off financial aid application paperwork today for potentially getting my car fixed AND for getting help with childcare costs. Car might take up to two weeks to hear about, but I should know about the daycare within a day or two - which is perfect because come Friday afternoon, I need to be able to pay for next week's care and I don't have the money for it. Cross for fingers for me that it gets approved - it would be one less thing on my shoulders for now until the rest of my life catches up.

I can't even explain how much even just a LITTLE bit of positive momentum and potential good news has totally changed my mood lately. I'm still BEYOND stressed, still having major sleep issues... but instantly that feeling that all efforts are useless and futile, that nothing is ever going to change, that all I will do in my life is FAIL FAIL FAIL... yeah, that feeling is a little smaller now.

Deep big sigh of relief, and trudge on forward.


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